2017 Oroville Dam crisis – Wikipedia

View of Oroville Dam’s main spillway (center) and emergency spillway (top), February 11, 2017. The large gully to the right of the main spillway was caused by water flowing through its damaged concrete surface – Wikipedia

Apliando la información que se va conociendo sobre la Crisis de la Presa de Oroville y de la que ya se comentó ampliamente en un anterior post, comentar que tiene ya su propia entrada en Wikipedia en su versión en inglés del que se adjunta el enlace para consultar todos los aspectos que en ella se recogen.

The 2017 Oroville Dam crisis is a major and ongoing threat to lives and property in Northern California. At 770 feet (235 m), Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the United States. Located in Butte County about 70 miles (110 km) north of Sacramento, the dam impounds Lake Oroville, and controls the flow of the Feather River.

Storms in early February 2017 caused heavy damage to the dam’s spillway, hindering the safe release of floodwater and threatening the structural integrity of the spillway. Due to the flood threat, more than 180,000 people living along the Feather River have been evacuated.

While water was being released on February 7, 2017 a crater unexpectedly developed about halfway down the length of the concrete spillway. The crater allowed water to escape the channel and erode the earth underneath. As more of the spillway washed away, additional portions of the concrete lining failed, sending large volumes of water into the earth underneath and alongside the spillway, further undermining the foundation. Engineers closed the main spillway for inspection. During two test flows on February 8–9, the length of the crater increased from 250 ft (76 m) to 300 ft (91 m). Management was then confronted with two choices: continue to use the main spillway, knowing it would likely be further damaged, or allow the reservoir to rise until it overtopped the emergency spillway.

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